Program Structure

The MAN Truck & Bus Impact Accelerator brings together social entrepreneurs from Europe, South Africa and India that tackle social and environmental challenges through innovative solutions in the transport and logistics space. Join us on a journey from Mumbai to Cape Town via Munich and Paris to San Francisco.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, get access to a pool of 300+ mentors from MAN, Salesforce and YSB like MAN CEO Joachim Drees or Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, who has built social businesses impacting over 27 million people. Get access to impact investors and key MAN resources.


MAN and Yunus Social Business developed this program to create impact for the poor while building sustainable businesses. We leverage new technologies to create innovative solutions that have a significant impact on society or the environment.

We connect you with a global community of like-minded people. That is why we take you on a journey across four continents. It prepares you to think different and build your network for future international expansion. We aim at nothing less than transforming your life and the trajectory of your business.

About MAN & Yunus Social Business

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and has production facilities in three European countries, Russia, South Africa, India, and Turkey. Its products range from general and special purpose trucks through buses and coaches to diesel and gas engines for external customer applications. MAN is deeply dedicated to purposeful innovation in transport and logistics.

Yunus Social Business (YSB) is a non-profit venture fund and accelerator. It was co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus to solve humanity's most pressing needs through business means. YSB has worked with or invested in over 1,000 social entrepreneurs worldwide to build meaningful social businesses in agriculture, health, mobility, clean water and energy.

The journey

The MAN Truck & Bus Impact Accelerator kicks off at the Global Social Business Summit in Wolfsburg in November 2018. The 6-month curriculum that is to follow brings you to Munich, Mumbai, Cape Town and San Francisco with a final pitch day back in Munich in June 2019.

01 October 2018

Application Deadline
Get that application sent!

04–09 November 2018

First Program Week in Munich & Global Social Business Summit in Wolfsburg
Enjoy the fame you deserve. Meet Prof. Yunus, MAN and YSB executives as well as the global social business community. Start the program off with amazing mentors around purpose, team building and industry expertise.

Mid-January 2019

First Program Week in Mumbai
Customer & Product Development, Industry Expertise, Social Entrepreneurs

End-of-February 2019

Program Week in Cape Town
Impact Measurement, Impact Strategy & Industry Expertise, Social Entrepreneurs

April 2019

Program Week in San Francisco
Organizational Development, Impact Investing and Tech Deep-Dive

June 2019

Final Program Week in Munich
Startup Financing, Presenting and a grand closing.
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Destination #1
Munich: Finding Purpose & Customers
We start the program with a 5-day week in Munich dedicated to aligning each team and the cohort on their common purpose. Find out what motivates you and your team members. Set the coordination system for future growth. The first week also takes you through techniques like customer development, customer research, problem validation. All with key expert mentors in the field. You will understand the needs and requirements of the logistics industry from the view of the global player MAN.
Map of the world, showing the locations where the organisation's events will be held.
Destination #2
Mumbai: Developing meaningful products and hacking growth
We come back together in Mumbai to focus on creating empathy with beneficiaries. We will take you on an immersive trip to understand life in rural India. You will also see some of the most inspiring social businesses in India. You will also learn how to use customer data to develop key product features and roadmaps to deliver your MVPs. Our growth mentors will help you to bring them to market in the most efficient and effective way. The process is again supported by industry and topic mentors.
Map of the world, showing the locations where the organisation's events will be held.
Destination #3
Cape Town: Managing Impact and Developing Steady Organisations
We reconvene in Cape Town to further refine your impact strategy and help you implement systems for measurement and validation. You will get insights into how to build resilient organisations and integrate lean and agile methodologies into your daily operations. The week will help you implement a culture of continuous learning about solving customer and beneficiary problems.
Map of the world, showing the locations where the organisation's events will be held.
Destination #4
San Francisco: Technology and Scale
In May 2018, you will get to spend five exciting days in San Francisco – the global center of entrepreneurship. Join the startup community and learn from leading entrepreneurs. The Google Launchpad Connect program, the Salesforce network and Singularity University give you access to vibrant networks in the valley. This experience will allow you to understand how tech leaders disrupt markets and how you can apply this thinking to your social venture. You will also be challenged by tech mentors on your infrastructure and get access to finance mentors that help you prepare for funding.
Map of the world, showing the locations where the organisation's events will be held.
Destination #5
Munich: Final Pitch
The program closes back in Munich with a pitch day in front of senior executives from all partners and investors. You will be prepared for this big day with pitch coaches. Tell the story of your journey towards scalable impact. YSB and its investor network will stand ready to finance the most promising deals out of the program.
Map of the world, showing the locations where the organisation's events will be held.


We accept startups from Europe, India or South Africa that have a strong logistics, transport or mobility component with a prototype and preferably early revenue. Startups must have a strong purpose and create tangible and measurable impact beyond financial returns.

Is your startup located in India, South Africa oder Europe?
Do you create tangible and measurable impact?
Does your business have a strong transport, mobility or logistics component?
Are you ready for an journey that will transform how you build your social business?

Key Areas for Consideration

Drones & Aerospace
Data Analytics
Digital Health & MedTech
Last-mile connection & distribution
Big Data & Smart Data
Internet Automation

Selection Criteria

Team Strength & Cohesion

We prefer founding teams with industry expertise or a track-record of successfully building businesses. Team profiles should cover various fields of expertise and be complimentary to each others strengths and skills.


We are focused on early-stage social businesses. Businesses with existing proof of concept in the market, ideally early revenues, will be preferred.

Business Model

We select businesses with a solid understanding of their revenue streams and a focus on financial sustainability. The accelerator is not helpful to NGOs or other purely grant-funded organisations.


We select social businesses with clear and measurable impact on the target communities. This may be based on projections and wherever possible already tangible results.

Fit with the cohort/programmatics

We are looking for mindset and focus fit with the rest of the cohort. This includes mental flexibility, complementary focus areas with the rest of the cohort and general team-player skills.

Financials & Costs

The program provides in-kind support to each startup of up to 50,000 USD. This includes free travel and accommodation, free access to coaches and mentors as well as software and data perks for free or at preferred rates. We do not take any equity. We do not provide cash.

Your benefits

What do you get out of it?

The program offers a range of benefits from various partners. The below list is by far not comprehensive and gives you an indication of how we help you grow.

Assets & Services from MAN

  • MAN Staff Mentors with Industry Expertise
  • MAN's Global Network of Partners
  • MAN's Supply & Distribution Networks
  • Access to the Volkswagen family
  • Access to MAN’s “RIO” platform

Assets & Services from YSB

  • Access to Nobel Laureate Prof. Yunus
  • Visiting entrepreneurs from the YSB portfolio
  • Access to social businesses by Grameen
  • Potential funding from YSB
  • Access to a global impact investor community

Assets & Services from other partners

  • Access to 300+ mentors
  • Consulting Services
  • Site visits at social entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Silicon Valley Community
  • Software for free or at preferred rates


What others say about us

Norbert Okiring

CEO Savco Millers
»I would recommend the program 100%! The training, the sessions, the speakers, the team, the venue – Everything was just right!«

Matheus Cardoso

Founder of Moradigna
»Our social business has gained a lot from the accelerator! Today, we are on another level and owe this largely to the accelerator.«

Our Portfolio

Examples of Social Businesses in our Portfolio

Our in-country teams work tirelessly to identify successful local entrepreneurs with a strong social conscience. We partner with them to grow their social businesses, providing both financial and non-financial support. Here are some of the many people and companies we’ve worked with.

Agruppa, Colombia
Agruppa, Colombia Economic empowerment of small food vendors
Impact Water, Uganda
Impact Water, Uganda Clean drinking water for schools in Uganda

Mighty Mentors

During the accelerator program, our mentors will help you get access to industry know-how, tech expertise and startup methodologies for rapidly validating business and impact models. The below mentors are an excerpt of over 300 mentors you can get access to.

Joachim Drees
Joachim Drees Chairman MAN
Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Prof. Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Saskia Bruysten
Saskia Bruysten Co-Founder and CEO YSB
Danai Musandu
Danai Musandu Goodwell Investments
Ernest Darkoh-Ampem
Ernest Darkoh-Ampem Founder Broad-Reach Healthcare
Sylvain Ferriere
Sylvain Ferriere Co-CIO YSB, Endeavor, BCG
Karen Hitschke
Karen Hitschke Co-CIO YSB, Affectis, Apax
Omer Imtiazuddin
Omer Imtiazuddin Winrock, Acumen, IFC and YSB
Daniel Nowack
Daniel Nowack 4x Founder, Google Launchpad
Suresh K Krishna
Suresh K Krishna MD Grameen Koota, YSB India
Volkan Özkan
Volkan Özkan Ex-Managing Director Webnak
Andrea Schüller
Andrea Schüller Partner Toguna Leadership
Dieter Cybok
Dieter Cybok Salesforce
Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo Ruiz UX at Uber
Gerard Klein Essink
Gerard Klein Essink Founder Bridge2Food
Philip Horvath
Philip Horvath Partner Luman
Maximilian Schön
Maximilian Schön Digital Transformation Allianz
Kristian Furch
Kristian Furch Partner LeadershipPartners
Tereza Sommerfeld
Tereza Sommerfeld Founder allabouthrlaw
Michael Hübl
Michael Hübl Co-Founder flinc
Friedrich Hubel
Friedrich Hubel Managing Director Lendico
Christoph Ono
Christoph Ono User Experience Designer
Piotr Drozd
Piotr Drozd VP Impact at snappcar
Maximilian Rabl
Maximilian Rabl CEO loadfox
Tony Gui
Tony Gui Co-Founder Kreatives
Franzi Sessler
Franzi Sessler Co-Founder Kreatives
Rogerio Oliveira
Rogerio Oliveira Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Pipoca
Subhash Sumithra
Subhash Sumithra Amazon India
Mona Gandhi
Mona Gandhi AirBnB
Deeptanshu Baranwal
Deeptanshu Baranwal Rivigo
Romain Diaz
Romain Diaz CEO Far Ventures
Roger Norton
Roger Norton Managing Director Playlogix
Chetan Yalamanchili
Chetan Yalamanchili Director Grofers, Ex-Amazon
Vijayaraghavan Palat
Vijayaraghavan Palat CEO Lawrencedale Agro
Mugendi K. M'Rithaa
Mugendi K. M'Rithaa World Design Org, Hasso Plattner
Ritu Soni Srivastava
Ritu Soni Srivastava Founder & CEO, Obino
Yolisa Kani
Yolisa Kani Head of Policy Uber
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma CTO People Interactive
Asif Zaidi
Asif Zaidi Head of Product, Delhivery
Jiten Madia
Jiten Madia John Deere
Anish Chowdhary
Anish Chowdhary Head of Sales, Edelweiss
Rene Overgaard Jensen
Rene Overgaard Jensen Head of Collaboration, Maersk
Antonio Bruni
Antonio Bruni CEO Picup Technologies
Martin Kaspars
Martin Kaspars Head of RIO Accelerator
Belinda Bowling
Belinda Bowling Social Impact Director Naspers
Nils Körber
Nils Körber CIO Ringier One Africa Media
Justin Spratt
Justin Spratt Head of Business, Uber