The MAN Impact Accelerator supports social business startups in the field of mobility, transport and logistics to accelerate their impactful innovations.

The MAN Impact Accelerator brings social entrepreneurs from Europe, Brazil, and Africa together to tackle social and environmental challenges through innovative solutions in the transport and logistics space. Join us on a journey from Munich to São Paulo via Lisbon and Johannesburg to Munich.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, get access to a pool of more than 300 mentors from MAN Truck & Bus, Yunus Social Business and other well-known companies in the innovation space like Amazon, Google, Salesforce and Uber. Among them are MAN CEO Joachim Drees and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus who has built social businesses impacting over 27 million people. Get also access to impact investors and key players at MAN Truck & Bus.

MAN has developed this program in cooperation with Yunus Social Business to create an impact for the underprivileged while building sustainable businesses. We will leverage new technologies to create innovative solutions that have a significant impact on the society or the environment.

We will connect you with a global community of like-minded people - that is why we will take you on a journey across four continents. It prepares you to think differently and build your own network for future growth. We will aim at nothing less than transforming your life and the trajectory of your business.

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and has production facilities in three European countries (Germany, Austria and Poland), Russia, South Africa, India, and Turkey. Its products range from general and special purpose trucks to buses and coaches as well as to diesel and gas engines for external customer applications. MAN is intensely dedicated to purposeful innovation within the transport and logistics sector.

Yunus Social Business (YSB) is a non-profit venture fund and accelerator. It was co-founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus to solve humanity's most pressing needs through business means. YSB has worked with or invested in over 1,000 social entrepreneurs worldwide to build meaningful social businesses in agriculture, health, mobility, clean water and energy.


You can find further impressions about the MAN Impact Accelerator journey on our very own Youtube channel!

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The MAN Impact Accelerator kicks off in Munich in November 2019. The curriculum that follows will take you to cities like São Paulo, Lisbon and Johannesburg. The official closing ceremony in Munich in June 2020 will mark the end of the program.

Selection Criteria

We accept social businesses and impactful startups from Europe, Brazil, South Africa as well as Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania that have a strong logistics, transport or mobility focus with a prototype and preferably early revenues. Startups must have a strong purpose and create both tangible and measurable impact beyond financial returns.

Is your startup located in Europe, Brazil or Africa?
Do you create tangible and measurable impact?
Does your business have a strong transport, logistics or mobility component?
Are you ready for a journey that will transform the way you build your social business?

We prefer founding teams with industry expertise or a track-record of successfully building businesses. Team profiles should cover various fields of expertise and should complement each other’s strengths and skills.

We are focused on early-stage social businesses. Ventures with an existing proof of concept in the market or ideally early revenues will be preferred.

We select businesses with a solid understanding of their revenue streams and a focus on financial sustainability. The accelerator is not helpful to NGOs or other purely grant-funded organizations.

We select social businesses with clear and measurable impact on the target communities. This may be based on projections and – wherever possible – with already tangible results.

We look for mindset and focus fit with the rest of the cohort. This includes mental flexibility, general team-player skills and complementary focus areas with the rest of the cohort.

Key Areas for Consideration

Drones & Aerospace
Data Analytics
Digital Health & MedTech
Last-mile connection & distribution
Big Data & Smart Data
Internet Automation


The program offers a range of benefits from various partners and perspectives. The below list is by far not comprehensive and gives you an indication of how we help you grow further.

Assets & Services from MAN

  • MAN Staff Mentors with Industry Expertise
  • MAN's Global Network of Partners
  • MAN's Supply & Distribution Networks

Assets & Services from YSB

  • Access to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
  • Access to the global impact investor community

Assets & Services from other partners

  • Access to more than 300 mentors
  • Visits at sites of social entrepreneurs
  • Access to the innovation community

Financials & Costs

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by MAN Truck & Bus. The program provides an indirect grant and support of up to 50,000 USD for each startup (no equity or cash). This also includes free access to coaches and mentors as well as to software and data perks for free or at preferred rates.

Alumni of Batch #2

From mobile clinics in South Africa, to logistics for refugee camps – our teams work tirelessly to identify successful entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors with a strong social conscience. We partner with them to grow their social businesses, providing both financial and non-financial support. 


Aditya Sethi, Co-Founder & COO
A shared transport service for farmers which allows their perishable harvests to be picked up and delivered to market by users in the network while relying on an easy payment via mobile phones.

Breeze Technologies

Robert Heinecke, Co-Founder & CEO
Provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data through smart and affordable indoor/outdoor sensors as well as environmental intelligence for corporates and cities.

Frontier Markets

Ajaita Shah, Founder & CEO
A last-mile distribution company which gives rural customers access to clean energy solutions by a network of rural entrepreneurs, with women at the center of the value chain.

Mobile Schools Health

Grant Byron, Head of Strategy
Provides preventative healthcare services by using mobile bus clinics to deliver optometry, primary and oral healthcare to learners in underserved elementary schools.


Nicolas Duvaut, Co Founder & CEO
Designs smart electrical bike trailers with a capacity of up to 250 kilos which can be used for various applications such as postal services, food delivery or last-mile logistics.


Hans Peter Gürtner, Founder
A web application which makes it easy for organizations to distribute donated goods such as food, clothes or hygiene items to people in need.


Arnaud Blanchet, Founder & CEO
A mobile application which provides affordable same-day delivery from wholesalers to grocery stores in townships and rural areas.

VIA Global Health

Noah Perin, Founder & CEO
A distribution platform which provides access to the necessary tools that enable quality healthcare in undersupplied or neglected markets.

Alumni of Batch #1


Prabhdeep Singh, Co-Founder
»When we joined the accelerator, we had no toolkit available on how to make and measure impact. The teams at YSB and MAN brought us specialist mentors from around the world. These experts allowed us to question the core value-set of the founders and the company. We are more self-aware now.«


Neil Du Preez, Co-Founder
»Being part of the MAN Impact Accelerator has been a tremendous help to Mellowcabs. We’ve been mentored by experts with exceptional knowledge in highly relevant fields of our business. We’ve had sessions with the quality control, sales, logistics and manufacturing experts from the MAN Group.«

Country Delight

Chakradhar Gade, Co-Founder
»Our key learning area from the MAN Impact Accelerator has been to have a very clear definition of our core values in order to ingrain them into each role within the organization – from the lowest level to the highest level. «


David Naidoo, Co-Founder
»Besides the phenomenal exposure to see world economies and to have interactions with prestigious mentors while also witnessing diverse cultures, the MAN Impact Accelerator gave us insights and tools to measure the health of our business.«

FarMart Agritech

Alekh Sanghera, Co-Founder
»FarMarts journey with the MAN Impact Accelerator has been one of self-reflection. It has helped us understand more about our business and the potential impact it can have on farmers.«


Charan Thota, Co-Founder
»The mentorship received from various distinguished market leaders was very comprehensive and visionary. It has been immensely helpful in sculpting our business procedures and short-term goals in a better way to attain our vision of changing the way India travels to work.«

Krishi Trade

Sachin Nikumbh, Co-Founder
»The MAN Impact Accelerator gave us access to a fantastic global ecosystem of startups & mentors in the same space. Motivated individuals & companies who really have genuine desire for social impact have extended all possible support in network and connections which is helping us accelerate impact.«
StanPlus, India
StanPlus, India Driving the Care in Healthcare
Mellowcabs, South Africa
Mellowcabs, South Africa Electric Micro Transport Solutions
Country Delight, India
Country Delight, India Subscription-based Dairy Delivery
GetTruck, South Africa
GetTruck, South Africa On-Demand Marketplace for Truck Capacity
Farmart, India
Farmart, India Leveraging Technology for Farmers Prosperity
Commut, India
Commut, India Office Travel Made Easier
Krishi Trade, India
Krishi Trade, India Agri-Marketplace for Farm-Gate export


During the accelerator program, our mentors will help you obtain access to industry know-how, tech expertise and startup methodologies for rapidly validating your business and impact model. The below mentors are an excerpt of over 300 mentors you can get access to. And we are about to welcome a new cohort of experienced MAN mentors for the upcoming program who will join you on your journey to more impact.

Joachim Drees
Joachim Drees CEO, MAN Truck & Bus SE
Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Prof. Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Saskia Bruysten
Saskia Bruysten Co-Founder and CEO, YSB
Justin Spratt
Justin Spratt Uber
Rene Overgaard Jensen
Rene Overgaard Jensen Maersk
Jiten Madia
Jiten Madia John Deere
Subhash Sumithra
Subhash Sumithra Amazon India
Yolisa Kani
Yolisa Kani Uber
Iulian Circo
Iulian Circo Proof of Impact
Mona Gandhi
Mona Gandhi AirBnB
Mugendi K. M'Rithaa
Mugendi K. M'Rithaa World Design Org, Hasso Plattner
Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo Ruiz Uber
Rogerio Oliveira
Rogerio Oliveira Pipocao, Workganic, YSB Brazil
Danai Musandu
Danai Musandu Goodwell Investments
Ernest Darkoh-Ampem
Ernest Darkoh-Ampem Broad-Reach Healthcare
Karen Hitschke
Karen Hitschke YSB, Affectis, Apax
Deeptanshu Baranwal
Deeptanshu Baranwal Rivigo
Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee Shell
Suresh K Krishna
Suresh K Krishna Grameen Koota, YSB India
Volkan Özkan
Volkan Özkan iyzico
Gerard Klein Essink
Gerard Klein Essink Bridge2Food
Philip Horváth
Philip Horváth Luman
Michael Hübl
Michael Hübl flinc
Friedrich Hubel
Friedrich Hubel Lendico
Piotr Drozd
Piotr Drozd SnappCar
Romain Diaz
Romain Diaz Far Ventures
Roger Norton
Roger Norton Playlogix
Chetan Yalamanchili
Chetan Yalamanchili Grofers
Vijayaraghavan Palat
Vijayaraghavan Palat Lawrencedale Agro
Ritu Soni Srivastava
Ritu Soni Srivastava Obino
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma People Interactive
Fleur Heyns
Fleur Heyns Proof of Impact
Asif Zaidi
Asif Zaidi Delhivery
Anish Chowdhary
Anish Chowdhary Edelweiss
Antonio Bruni
Antonio Bruni Picup Technologies
Shrina Kurani
Shrina Kurani Better Ventures
Martin Kaspars
Martin Kaspars RIO Accelerator
Belinda Bowling
Belinda Bowling Naspers
Nils Körber
Nils Körber Ringier One Africa Media
Sreeraman Thiagarajan
Sreeraman Thiagarajan Agrahyah Technologies
Arjun Nohwar
Arjun Nohwar Uber for Business
Lars Renhof
Lars Renhof MAN Truck & Bus SE
Ruchit Garg
Ruchit Garg Harvesting
Khaled Naim
Khaled Naim Onfleet
Maheen Kannu
Maheen Kannu Springforth Capital Advisors
Barbara Krause
Barbara Krause Singularity University
Judy Stuart
Judy Stuart Future Farmers Foundation
Ryan Dolan
Ryan Dolan Six Thirty Global FinTech Seed Fund
Nikolaos Michalas
Nikolaos Michalas MAN Truck & Bus SE
Praveen Shah
Praveen Shah Mobility LLC
Elena Erler
Elena Erler MAN Truck & Bus SE
Alon Lichtenstein
Alon Lichtenstein HANGAR49
Aarti Chandna
Aarti Chandna Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund
Thomas Homolka
Thomas Homolka MAN Truck & Bus SE
Rupert Cameron Sully
Rupert Cameron Sully SnapScan
Gideon Carstens
Gideon Carstens Barclays Africa Group Limited
Reed Mayfield
Reed Mayfield RSF Social Finance
Kunal Doshi
Kunal Doshi Capricorn Investment Group
Nick Allen
Nick Allen Savant Technology Incubator
Martina Weinberger
Martina Weinberger Toguna Leadership
Mylene Gordinou de Gouberville
Mylene Gordinou de Gouberville Rockstart
Laura Engelhardt
Laura Engelhardt Siemens
Simon Hohenadl
Simon Hohenadl Autoscout24
Felix Schmidt
Felix Schmidt Designit
Jan Korsanke
Jan Korsanke Futurice
Lars Eiermann
Lars Eiermann MAN Truck & Bus SE
Andrea Hierholzer
Andrea Hierholzer Allianz
Tom Schneider
Tom Schneider MAN Truck & Bus SE
Jan Henrik Lafrentz
Jan Henrik Lafrentz MAN SE
Alexandre Milan
Alexandre Milan MAN Bus & Truck France
Julian Lange
Julian Lange Marley Spoon
Timm Bartel
Timm Bartel MAN Truck & Bus SE
Karolina Kohler
Karolina Kohler Kaiser X Labs
Philip Schmiedt
Philip Schmiedt MAN Truck & Bus SE
Gal Bechor
Gal Bechor Volkswagen AG
Michael Lang
Michael Lang MAN Truck & Bus SE
Roman Hilgers
Roman Hilgers MAN Truck & Bus SE
Thabo Ncalo
Thabo Ncalo Savvy Venture Partners
Katharina Schwaller
Katharina Schwaller MAN Truck & Bus SE
Andrea Schüller
Andrea Schüller Toguna Leadership

Joachim Drees

CEO of MAN Truck & Bus SE
»We take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously and have thus seized the opportunity to pass on our expertise in transport and logistics.«

Gerard Klein-Essink

»The accelerator programme is very inspiring. A diverse group of entrepreneurs with loads of potential. How often can one meet innovative entrepreneurs from India, South-Africa or Europe in one day? It was absolutely great to work with the MAN/Yunus team. The quality of what they do is fantastic!«

Elena Erler

MAN Truck & Bus SE
»It’s incredibly motivating to share one’s own knowledge and create sustainable added value at the same time. By working outside predefined processes and being confronted with situations that would be defined as natural at MAN, I have had the chance to review and optimize my own working methods.«

Danai Musandu

Goodwell Investments
»Entrepreneurs in these markets are setting the road ablaze with unique innovation, specific to the real needs of mass populations. The MAN Impact sessions were just another indication that we have the capacity to see solutions – even in the most unlikely places and ways!«

Fabian Heidinger

MAN Truck & Bus SE
»Working with the startups was extremely inspiring. Their high intrinsic motivation, coupled with relevant program content and expertise from our organization, proved to be the keys to success. And that applies both to the startups and to us as MAN.«

Mugendi K. M’Rithaa

World Design Org, Hasso Plattner
»I enjoyed the interaction with my fellow mentors and came to appreciate the value of trans- and poly-disciplinary teamwork. The MAN facilitators did an excellent job of maintaining the momentum and coordinating our collective efforts. The passion and energy of the mentees were highly contagious.«

Christoph Rimpau

MAN Truck & Bus SE
»It’s amazing to see how quickly the startups were able to make giant strides with their business ideas!«